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In your daydreams, you imagine what would happen if someone came to you and offered you, for example, a tub of Green & Blacks white chocolate and raspberry swirl ice-cream. ” and you imagine how it will taste and how you’ll feel while you’re eating it.

Instead of renewing your efforts and ensuring that you have mini milestones where you can pat yourself on the back and even reward yourself, you’re consumed with feeling bad about the decision you’ve made and fantasising.

Sexual addiction, an umbrella term which includes pornography addiction, is likely the most harmful addiction when it comes to marriages.

The reasons for this are numerous and include the shame associated with this addiction for both the addict and the spouse, the sense of betrayal, and stereotypes linked to the addiction.

It is possible for your husband to love you, even though he is looking at pornography. This is a benefit when a man is fighting in a war and able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about his family back home.

But it also makes a man able to look at pornography without thinking about how it may hurt you or his marriage.

In spite of what you think or even what he might have said, nothing you could do could be enough to sexually satisfy your porn addicted spouse.

This topic is beyond our scope here, but it is important for a wife to be aware that there is a reason her husband became addicted to porn, and that reason is not her.

Let’s imagine that you’ve been frustrated for a few months about your diet and after giving yourself a hard time and lamenting that you don’t feel good, you finally make the decision to go on a diet.

Pornography presents an unrealistic reality that damages a person’s brain.

They become engrossed in this fantasy world where they don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone but themselves and no emotional connection is required.

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Women’s brains are more like spaghetti where everything is connected.

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