Adult profiling site with chat

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Adult profiling site with chat

This exercise can help the adolescent recognize the huge variety of possible jobs (e.g.

sales clerk, manager, construction worker, engineer, librarian, etc.).

Whilst observing others, or engaging in activities, questions can be asked such as: “What jobs are people doing when I go to Mc Donalds?

” There are the cashiers, the cooks, their managers, people who work where the food comes from (farms, processing plants), workers designing and manufacturing the packaging, building the restaurant, corporate management of the business/ franchise, jobs in the banks that provide the financing etc. People may be willing for the adolescent to visit their work sites for job shadowing experiences, where the adolescent can observe people at work for a couple of days.

There are some potentially greater obstacles specific to the communication and social skills deficits seen in AS that relate to the job application process.

These may include coordinating the job search process, communicating with potential employers by telephone, and identifying and tapping the individual’s social network for employment leads (often the most successful approach to finding a job).

The young adult can be reminded of why this transition is so positive, e.g.

they will have their own money, they will meet new people, they will learn new skills, they will have something to do during the day, they will increase their self-confidence and improve their self-image, etc.

” Answers could include designing the computer, manufacturing the parts of the computer, buying the parts from other companies that go into the computer, software design, managing the people that do these jobs, sales and marketing, accounting, advertising, shipping, retail, etc. Better still, actually volunteering at a company or organization will enable young adults to get hands on experience and try out different jobs.The internet provides some very useful resources in these areas and beyond, including free job interest inventories, statistics on various job categories such as typical salary and necessary qualifications, lots of examples of resumes, job hunting tips, as well as the websites for various companies and organizations where the individual may be interested in working.However, some young adults with AS may need a lot of support through this stage of the job search, due to their difficulties with executive functioning.Understanding the purpose of employment is critical for ensuring enthusiasm and motivation for the transition to the world of work.If the adolescent with AS does not fully grasp the fundamentals such as how important getting a job is going to be for them and why, a successful transition will be much harder to achieve.

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It is also important that young adults with AS have opportunities to gain insight in to the huge variety of job options available and what these jobs are like.