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Years ago THUNDERGRUNT’s own Bob, digitally disguised as a lady, decided to mine comedy from the trash heap of online dating by trolling perverted, rude, dudes on OKCUPID, what came of it was OKSTUPID. Matt, Bob and returning guest cinematographer Nick Baldwin wanted a movie about a cybernetic guy named Jack, what they got was CYBERJACK, a movie with no Jacks and a kind-of cybernetic guy (near the end)!Recorded LIVE at THE WINDUP SPACE in Baltimore here’s NOTHING TO DO WITH FRINGE performed by voice actor Rex Anderson and comedian Tommy Sinbazo! Join these three men as they talk their way through this 1995 Michael Dudikoff/Brion James actioner that takes all the beloved parts of BLADE RUNNER, ROBOCOP, DIE HARD, TERMINATOR and chooses to use none of them properly.What does the fourth Neil Breen movie have in store for them?Does it finally prove he is in fact Techno-Space-Robot-Alien-Jesus?Bud, the worlds most perfect living organism, and his family bloodline are responsible for the very course of human history!

That’s right, Matt and Bob, two lost men in their 30s, have reached the end.Does Breen actually get hit in the head with a real rock? Is it the guy on the box cover with all the plugs in his head or is it the unassuming possibly, maybe, almost, we think, robotic guy who looks like Bob Saget and Kenny G’s lovechild?Will Neil Breen’s purchase and nigh-psychotic use of a drone camera essentially ruin his entire future film career??? Kidnapping, murder, gentrification, abortion, infanticide, sociopathic orphans, domestic violence, funerals and extended captivity. They can all be found in a fighting-video-game movie aimed at families but made for no one! Does...70 episodes in, Bob and Matt celebrate a BONUS DISC milestone the same way they celebrate all milestones in life, they intake an artistic masterwork by a genius!They sit down with Baltimore Comedian Mark Joyner to watch the sequel to a prequel to the 8th sequel to AIR BUD, so SANTA BUDDIES 3…er…AIR BUD 13…uh…well…SANTA PAWS 2: THE SANTA PUPS!Is Santa running a communist conspiracy, holding a small town hostage with the facade of merriment...“There but for the grace of Bud, go I.” Matt and Bob have come far, and finally upon reaching AIR BUD 12, aka TREASURE BUDDIES, they finally know definitive truth.

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