Consolidating school districts pennsylvania

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Consolidating school districts pennsylvania

The Trust Fund paid for quantitative reports on every aspect of schooling important to Progressive reformers (attendance rates, building safety and quality, and teachers and their training).The Fund was then tapped for the recommended improvements. For example, he did not challenge Delaware’s racially segregated school system but spent the first million on the construction of 80 rural schools for black students.

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia Wilmot E.But as many rural communities became suburban, they created comprehensive public school districts with programs and facilities that matched or exceeded those found in the region’s cities.More often than not, the rural districts that upgraded their public schools were in communities that began to suburbanize as early as the 1870s with the advent of commuter railroads and, later, electric trolley lines.They appealed when the County Board of School Directors proposed that these three districts be combined.But the appeal failed and along with Colwyn, Darby, and Lansdowne boroughs they became part of the William Penn School District.

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The residents of these communities wanted urban benefits and services — paved roads, sewer lines, and, above all, comprehensive systems of public education.

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