Dating math geek dating in sterling co

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Dating math geek

“No matter how much you trust him, you’re not going to say ‘yes’ without asking questions first.

In your mind you have a filtering process that’s built in, which is different from another guy’s filtering process.

So to accomplish that we play a giant question-and-answer session with everyone on the site at once.” When John clicks on a new profile he’s shown a “match percentage” that accounts for all the questions that both he and the potential match have answered.

Is your date a math major, math nerd, or mathematician?

If yes is your answer to these questions, you might want to try the pick up lines below.

Oh yes, of course we’re always refining our codes, optimizing our algorithms. From the company’s perspective, claiming a superior “scientific matching system” or “personality profiling test” could distinguish you from the field.

In 1966, the inventor of computer dating, a Harvard math major named Jeff Tarr, joked to a reporter: “If there’s some chick I’m dying to go out with, I can drop her a note in my capacity as president of Operation Match and say, ‘Dear Joan, You have been selected by a highly personal process called Random Sampling to be interviewed extensively by myself … In 1965, Dewan told the Harvard that his competitor’s questionnaire was “less sophisticated, appealing to the big, Mid-west universities.” All these years (and all this behavior science) later, it’s not the professor-backed dating sites but the ones run by math geeks that seem to be on top.

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If they’ve both answered 1,000 questions, then Ok Cupid’s algorithm generates a match percentage based on 6,000 answers–the product of 1,000 questions times 3 answers per question times 2 daters.

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