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Double dating calendar

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Greece made the change for civil purposes on 16 February/1 March 1923, but the national day (25 March), which was a religious holiday, was to remain on the old calendar.

Most Christian denominations in the west and areas evangelised by western churches have also replaced the Julian calendar with the Gregorian as the basis for their liturgical calendars.

However, most branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church still use the Julian calendar for calculating the date of Easter, upon which the timing of all the other moveable feasts depends.

The Julian calendar gains against the mean tropical year at the rate of one day in 128 years.

For the Gregorian the figure is one day in 3,030 years.

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The net effect was to add 22 or 23 days to the year, forming an intercalary year of 377 or 378 days.

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