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Master's Scroll is another good choice, found in the Ancient Castle.Other good ones include the Merit Award and Miracle Shoes (both can be won in the Coliseum), Ribbon, and Safety Bit/Memento Ring depending on the situation.If all party members are killed in the coliseum, the player can walk around with a party of dead people until they encounter a battle outside of the coliseum that transforms into an instant Game Over.There are several good pieces of equipment to equip on the fighter.In the SNES and Play Station releases the location is named "Colosseum." The Game Boy Advance and subsequent releases, however, spell all instances of the name as "Coliseum." Winning ten times in the mobile/Steam version earns the Gateway to the Top achievement.

An alternate weapon is the Kagenui, that can randomly cast Stop on the attacked target.The coliseum removes KO, Invisible, Petrify, and Zombie statuses before a match, but not Imp, Float, or Poison, and restores HP and MP to their max before the match begins.There is no need to heal those statuses or restore HP/MP to prepare for the match, except if a status prevents the player from properly equipping a character.The coliseum fights are one-on-one, and the player's character is AI-controlled and will use any commands and spells they know.Nothing stops them from using acquired moves which injure or even kill themselves, such as Self-Destruct or Soul Spiral.

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Gogo is another good choice as players can prepare him/her for any situation.

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