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Mature dating gray hair

A guy might have fantastic dreams, but if he isn’t doing much or anything about making those dreams become a reality, then it signals to a woman that he’s either afraid to rise up and be a man or he’s a no hoper who will lean on her to provide and take care of him emotionally and possibly financially.If you want to believe that dying your gray hair will solve your problems with women, stop for a moment and picture the following celebrities: Richard Gere, Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey or Pierce Brosnan.

If a woman cannot rely on the man she’s with to support her and take charge of any difficult situation, then she will look for an alpha male who can.

Next came several years of me taking matters into my own hands, starting off with plucking the grays one by one and escalating to buying boxes of Clairol at the drugstore.

This generally did the trick, but led to a couple of mishaps, including one memorable time when I was left with Frankenstein-like jet-black stains across my forehead because I didn’t use a skin protectant along my hairline.

Instead of behaving like a human man, you are essentially behaving like a peacock bird and saying, In the peacock bird species, the male is the colorful, vibrant one and the female is the bland looking one. You are a man and you do not have to look young to attract women.

Here are some of the things that women won’t overlook, regardless if your hair is dyed with the latest men’s hair dye, if you are wearing an expensive designer shirt or the latest cologne. Low self esteem A man’s confidence and the way that he deals with women is a manifestation of the way that he feels about himself.

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Just because women dye their gray hairs, it doesn’t mean that men have to copy them.