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Sex roleplay chat rooms for teens

When he does enter the conversation, many of his conversational comments are wildly inappropriate--either having nothing to do with the current conversation or totally random or just strange, as if out of a computer game, which they probably are!Be aware that he is getting counseling, so this post isn't about getting him help with his problems, it's about getting him interested in something else! Janice Your son might get interested in music production, which is offered after school and during the summer at several venues, one even listed in the May 26th newsletter where your original post appeared.Many high schools are beginning to offer this instruction as part of the curriculum, precisely because it's so effective at helping techie, aspergers, ADD, NLD and autism spectrum kids segue into socialization, and besides, it's creative.Ideally I would like him to find a hobby that he can develop some expertise, like photography, coin collecting. He's getting lots of help, has a great community of friends, good school, etc. If I let him, he would watch TV or do electronic games 24/7. Aside from comics and recipes (he does like to cook) he NEVER picks up a book because it's such a challenge. It's a battle to limit the time and unless I want to be involved in an activity with him all the time, he does not self-entertain very well.

It is a very interesting game - I have played it myself - but I am worried about how much time he spends on it.

I've spent much of their earlier years taking them out to local parks and museums on the weekends.

These days, I spend much of the weekend catching up on my own work (I work part-time at home), and now that they are older, I don't feel that I should be their tour guide and social director anymore, but it's as though they lack this skill of finding their own entertainment outside of electronic media. Even in a very isolated part of Berkeley, high schoolers (if not before) have better things to do than hang out with you -- ever!

Music production is pretty computer centered these days, but it does involve the technician with other musicians, a class, with other techie types, in which to learn the techniques, and thus an entree to the rich East Bay teen music scene, with lots of other teens at all-ages clubs.

-rock 'n' roll mom May 2001 Regarding the May Albany High School PTA presentation on computers and teens. Also, I have wracked my brain to find activities a 14 and 15 yr old would be interested in. Signed, Ready to Pull Plug I know EXACTLY what you mean.

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June 2012 Watching my kids (14 and 11) spend an entire perfectly sunny Sunday afternoon at home in front of the computer playing games drives me nuts, and made me wonder, where can my kids go outside and hang out?

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