Updating cell towers

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The DOE's Sustainability Initiative is an agency-wide effort led by Division of School Facilities and supported by the DOE Sustainability Committee.The Initiative provides tools and resources to optimize building operations and energy efficiency, to increase recycling and composting in schools, and to help teachers apply standards to lead current and future generations to a more sustainable future.The Office of Sustainability plans for DOE buildings to double their annual recycling rate and to reduce green house gas emissions by 30% by 2017, to provide sustainable curriculum resources to principals and teachers, to participate in citywide Pla NYC initiatives, and to set up programs to increase water efficiency.The Office of Sustainability has four main pillars: energy, materials and recycling, ecology, and green curriculum.ensures that Pass Port, DSF's computerized Maintenance Management System, is continually operational and up-to-date.They support the production and maintenance of many critical reports and DSF Access applications that are created by the ED&S Data Analysis and Reporting Unit.This is accomplished with a dedicated corps of Custodian Engineers, handymen, cleaners assigned to each school, and assisted by a group of mobile Skilled Trades Mechanics who tackle complex work beyond the scope of on-site staff.The DSF employs approximately 500 mechanics, 900 custodian engineers and approximately 300 other employees with administrative or technical expertise in the fields of facilities management, engineering, environmental health, administration, accounting, construction, planning, and project management.

The unit is also in charge of overseeing MS Access databases that are used throughout DSF.Resources for these programs are available on the Sustainability Initiative website.Energy: The Office benchmarks building energy consumption, manages the building audit and retrofit program, oversees the demand response program, encourages summer kitchen and data center energy conservation, seeks out renewable energy opportunities, and provides resources for custodians and building manager on energy efficiency.The FMS office is also responsible for the DOE’s fleet of over 300 vehicles.In addition, the FMS office oversees the DSF’s Trucking Department, central warehouse operations and DSF’s T12 light fixture replacement program.

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