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Updating dvd decoder

MPEG-2 video is not optimized for low bit-rates, especially less than 1 Mbit/s at standard definition resolutions.

All standards-compliant MPEG-2 Video decoders are fully capable of playing back MPEG-1 Video streams conforming to the Constrained Parameters Bitstream syntax.

Winamp unterstützt viele Streams: Internetradio, Internetfernsehen, XM Satellitenradio, AOL-Video, Singingfish-Inhalte, Podcasts und RSS-Mediafeeds.

Ebenfalls bietet es erweiterte Unterstützung für mobile Mediaplayer und die Nutzer können auf ihre Medienbibliothek jederzeit via Internet zugreifen.

Es unterstützt die unterbrechungsfreie Wiedergabe von MP3- und AAC-Dateien sowie Replay Gain, um verschiedene Lautstärken unter den Songs aufeinander abzustimmen.

The Video section, part 2 of MPEG-2, is similar to the previous MPEG-1 standard, but also provides support for interlaced video, the format used by analog broadcast TV systems.If no out_ds/wave present then show error msg and abort playback- [Winamp] Fixed bad 'Find more languages' link in Prefs- [Winamp] Fixed classic songticker not updating back to the current title (for short titles, or with auto-scroll disabled)- [Winamp] Ignore "ELEVATECREATEPROCESS" and "#" values for the "running in admin mode" checks- [Winamp/ml_local/pmp] Disable the Update button on Edit Metadata dialog until any changes are made- [gen_hotkeys] auto-resize the combobox widths of the hotkeys in config (helps with lengthier translations)- [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1213 - Fixed search delay setting not being saved- [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1214 - Added a few more string param checks to mirror winamp changes- [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1215 - Disabled skinned mode on lite / non-ml setups to quickly deal with reported skinning issues- [gen_ml/ml_*] Fixed ml play & enqueue actions not showing the correct default action on different menus- [gen_tray] Fixed bad 'Get icon packs' link in Prefs- [gif.w5s] Fixed crash with specific gif files and color table quirks- [in_mp3] Fixed crash on missing genre string with pledit shift e dialog- [ml_disc] Fixed buffer size issue null object crash fixes from crash reports- [ml_local] auto-resize the combobox widths on the add/edit view dialog- [ml_local/history/pmp] Added F8 to refresh current search- [ml_local] Fixed weird character display in Edit Query Choose Time dialog menu- [ml_local] Fixed path handling incorrectly dropping the initial 'm'- [ml_online/om Browser] Fixed lang pack issues with the custom online services support- [ml_playlists] Fixed issue with deleting playlists via ml tree- [ml_playlists] Fixed reported enqueue selection issues- [ml_playlists] Remove invalid characters from playlist name on export- [Unicode Taskbar Fix] v3.6 to fix display issues with some output plugins (e.g.out_burst.dll)- Misc: General buffer init tweaks- Misc: A plethora of extra param checks & various crash fixes from crash reports- Misc: Various other tweaks/fixes/optimizations- Lang Pack updates: General cleanups for all lang packs (removed unused hash sections, accelerator tables, dead plugins & png resources)- Spanish & French: Fixed Accelerator tables (e.g.The ATSC A/53 standard used in the United States, uses MPEG-2 video at the Main Profile @ High Level ([email protected]), with additional restrictions such as the maximum bitrate of 19.4 Mbit/s for broadcast television and 38.8 Mbit/s for cable television, 4:2:0 chroma subsampling format, and mandatory colorimetry information.ATSC allows the following video resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame/field rates: ATSC standard A/63 defines additional resolutions and aspect rates for 50 Hz (PAL) signal.

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Winamp ist ein frei gestaltbarer Mediaplayer, der viele Formate abspielen kann.

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