What is jdi dating Adult chat and one night stand freewith matures

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What is jdi dating

It's actually somewhat surprising that they even indicated that the profiles were fake with that tiny VC logo.

I would have expected that a company doing this sort of thing wouldn't have even bothered.

The complaint stated that the only indication that a particular user is in fact a Virtual Cupid comes in the form of a small “v” encircled by a larger “C” in the top right portion of the profile.For more on how a dating site may deceive, click here.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed its first lawsuit against an online dating site on Wednesday."Adding insult to injury, users were charged automatically to renew their subscriptions - often without their consent." Anyone could join the dating sites and create profiles at no cost, but users would have to subscribe to one of the membership tiers to view and respond to messages from other users, according to the FTC's complaint.As soon as new users joined one of the sites, the email accounts would begin receiving fabricated messages, according to the FTC.

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