Who does michael from roosterteeth dating

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Who does michael from roosterteeth dating

The most popular pairing is Michael/Gavin, also known as Mavin.

Rooster Teeth is best known for producing the machinima Red vs. The canon for the fandom is primarily the You Tube videos that feature Rooster Teeth's employees, but also includes their Twitter and Tumblr accounts, as well as their profiles and activity on the Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter websites.The fandom centers around shipping the Rooster Teeth employees, creating gifs, making fanart (both drawings and manips) and writing fanfiction.The fandom also creates fanvids and fanmixes occasionaly.She has a page on this wiki, which she is quite proud of.Lindsay loves to 'spoil shit', as she ruins the ending of many television and film series e.g. She is known for saying 'Jesus' A LOT, mainly due to the disgusting shit that Mike Kroon says during questions.

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In February 2016, Sean "Spoole" Poole left Funhaus [3], followed by Joel Rubin's exit in April of 2016 [4].