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Shrubs were originally used to mask the taste of illegally smuggled spirits that had been stored offshore in oak barrels to avoid excise men.Taking inspiration from a recipe found in Elizibeth Moxon’s English Housewifery, this elegant fizz is reminiscent of a champagne cocktail.A large central wooden table can host up to twelve guests and offers an extensive range of menus, from the classic three course reduced à la carte to an extravagant six course set menu to suit every occasion.The incredible views of the Yarra River and the Melbourne city skyline, a bronze sculpture by Australian artist David Bromley that guides one's gaze into the kitchen and the opportunity to observe our chefs at work, all make the Private Dining Room a truly unique experience.Riberry or the lilly pilly was one of the first edible plants to be noted during Captain Cook’s visit to Australia in 1770 and compliments this aromatic drink perfectly.The origin of the billy pot is linked to the large cans used for transporting bully beef on ships bound for Australia and during the exploration of the outback.Please inform us of any allergies and ask for further details of dishes that contain allergens.

The company quickly grew and became an iconic food brand.

Punch has featured on the dining tables of aristocrats and the bourgeoisie for centuries.

It is thought that the idea of adding milk stems from the English "syllabub" a drink of milk & spices, curdled with wine.

The paste-like, fatty substance, found inside bones, is now being stocked as part of the supermarket's 'Forgotten Cuts' range, with Waitrose describing it as 'perfect for enriching sauces or a garnish'.

Waitrose buyer Rob Hues said: 'Bone marrow has been a key ingredient in some of London's top meat restaurants such has Hawksmoor and St John's Bread and Wine where they both promote the nose to tail dining experience.

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Together with his team, Head Sommelier Loic Avril has hand selected each of the some 1,000 references, for this expansive wine list.